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In pursuit of perfection, the institute is committed to provide balanced quality education standards by nurturing academic excellence through ingenious innovation and contemporary creativity, relevant social skills and ethical values, research and technology, in a fun learning environment, establishing a landmark in the architectural field which shall remain a source of pride for all Indians.

  • Institute is committed to the highest standards of teaching, research, moral and ethics and service to the community and its graduates are prepared to be knowledgeable, thoughtful, creative and responsible individuals.
  • Institute is keen in building an integrated student-centered learning environment that promotes advanced critical thinking skills, fosters creativity and instills a commitment to lifelong learning.
  • Institute shall promote holistic development of students through various academic, social and cultural activities.
  • Institute is concentrating on establishing linkages and liaisons with regional and international educational institutions to meet mutually beneficial needs and respond to emerging trends with respect to sustainability and green principles and state of the art technological innovations.
  • Institute collaborates with other academic and research institutes in region and around the world to strengthen the education and research ecosystem.
  • Institute fosters the academic interaction with architectural profession and in general the building industry, by bridging the gap between theory and practice, through collaboration.
  • Institute shall develop leadership qualities by sharpening the students’ soft and hard skills in an innovative and interactive environment.
Core Values

V: Visionary

P: Prophetic

P: Persistent in growth and promote innovations to passion in learning

M: Manifest the mastery of hard and soft skills

P: Processing raw talent into refined one

C: Concrete platform for holistic development

O: Opportunities to challenge & inspire

A: Advocates sustainable programs for community and environment.

Contact Us: +9122 20847229, +91 9819-595-861