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Ar. Sanjay V. Chaudhari
PVPP Manohar Phalke College of Architecture


There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds. Whatever good things we build, end up building us. It’s impossible to go through a single day without encountering architecture. The built environment is entwined with every facet of our lives – from our homes to workplaces, from our cultural to social lives, and from slums to mega cities.

Today, the world is rapidly changing with the advent of new technology and materials. What once were seen as impossible dreams, are fast changing the skylines of various cities all over the world. At the same time, it is facing the real dangers of global warming due to rapid depletion of the natural resources utilized under the guise of development. Architecture and its education still seems to be far from nurturing these ethics as if still continues to serve the so called elite class and a bunch of unethical developers. In Indian context, there is multitude of socio-economical and more so worst political issues, and architectural education is dismally failing to touch these issues.

Today, we are at the cross-roads, with 4601 Architectural Institutions mushrooming pan India churning out average, ordinary Architects, year after year. The question which is constantly nagging is where are we heading for? What kind of architectural education is best contributing in the development of a student passing from 12th standard and then passing out as an ‘Architect’ into the vast ocean of Architectural Profession? The gap as all architectural professionals remorse is ever widening, and to fill this charm it is the foremost aim of architectural education even though, one is constrained in the cloak of university syllabi, its important to seamlessly bind the needs of the profession, but at the same time to develop the theoretical base, develop research oriented minds, focus largely on the “Architectural Design’ process: based on live case studies and hands on experience, about the practical aspects of technology , materials, construction, economics, etc..

We shall also endeavors to imbibe in the minds of the students the liberal art in the field of humanities by establishing close ties with allied field of literature , painting , sculpture , drama , dance , music , photography , travel and tourism, which shall essentially develop their personality into a whole human being. Our ambition is to create an institute that excels students in educational, social , physical , cultural and economical fields , by providing a constant formation of knowledge and state of the art skills, through the best of infrastructure that we can provide for sketching. The roadmap for the decades to come. This will enable them to connect with the time and place of the people for whom they are designing for making most of the natural local materials and craftsmanship, standing tall in the herd of architects coming out of all architectural institutions year after year. Our combination of innovation, creativity along with the principle of sustainability , awareness , social- economic and political issues, well equipped with the smart skills. shall definitely elevate our institute beyond the established peaks of architectural education, that we all are aspiring for .

This will mark an auspicious beginning for our institute in the field architectural education, and these baby steps will lead to the indelible marks for all other to follow in the near future. Looking forward from all the colleagues in the architectural profession and education and the various institutions, to extend whole-heartedly their co-operation and success to make a “Grand beginning”.

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